Rex Pryor - Rhythm Guitar - Lead Singer

                         Song Writer

Rex was raised in a small farming community in northwest Missouri. His hometown population was approximately one hundred and fifty. This small town atmosphere can be heard in his song writing. He left the small community as an adult and currently resides in Kansas City. His songs address current issues and at the same time may take you down a familiar path.He created and manages the band, EXIT 13.

Benny Pryor - Bass - Drums - Vocals - Rhythm

Benny plays many roles in the Exit 13 Band. He can fill in for most of the players in the band. He was the driver, encouraging the creation of Exit 13.  Brother of Rex, it makes the band a family affair.

Jerry Beverman - Drums  ( In Spirit )

Jerry is originally from L.A. Califorina where he played in a band for a number of years. His drumming adds the thump to Exit 13 songs. He keeps the band in rhythm and on beat!

Kyle Swanson - Lead Guitar - Bass

Kyle's lead guitar playing ignites the dynamics of their original songs. He captivates the emotions of the lyrics and the rhythm, establishing  a mood design for the songs.  Kyle also plays bass on our cd "Gotta Move On" released this year.

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