Rex Pryor - Vocals - Songwriter - Rhythm Guitar

Rex grew up in a small northwestern Missouri town. These roots can be found in his lyrics and songs. With his brother, Benny, they created Exit 13 Band. It began as a family garage band has grown, to play in the surrounding Kansas City area and Oklahoma. 

Kyle Swanson - Lead Guitar - Bass

Kyle's guitar playing ignites the dynamics of

the original songs. He captivates the emotions of the lyrics and rhythm, establishing the mood of the songs. Kyle also plays bass on our studio cd.

 Copyright © Rex Pryor


Benny Pryor - Guitar - Drums -Bass -Singer

Benny has the ability to fill in for any member of the band. He was the first to become a self-taught drummer and musician. His participation maintains a family link to the band.

Jim Hart - Drums

Jim grew up playing drums with his family members. He was raised in a very musical atmosphere. He has a complete style that punctuates the beat of Exit 13 songs. He is originally from Connecticut.